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Mosh Pit Simulator is a VR game about a world that is overrun by brainless boneless humanoid creatures due to a terrible accident. They're like zombies but less gross and pretty harmless and just want to live normal lives. So even tho they don't have brains or bones, they still try to go shopping, drive cars, or go to dates, not necessarily doing a good job at that. But there's one person who is not OK with that. YOU! So you decide to save the world from these weird creatures. But there's nobody else left in the world but them so you end up just getting in their way for giggles.... or do you?



There are many VR games out there and every time I try to play one, the first thing I try to do is destroy everything around me, and most of the titles are rigged to prevent me from doing that, and to keep me focused on the actual point of the game. Thus, I decided to create a game that will let you destroy everything. Hell, it will let you create things you can destroy later and it will allow you to share the destruction with your friends, people on the Internets, and any passing alien spaceships that somehow end up picking up your stream. The idea behind Mosh Pit Simulator is, that you are inside a video game, with those weird humans, all governed by video game rules, but since you wear VR goggles, not all of the rules apply to you. In VR, nothing really exists, so you can lift everything up easily, punch with near-infinite strength and wreck total havoc to the extent where physics engine can't cope up anymore.


The story is of a mad scientist who in an epiphany decided that bones are the bane of humanity and in an effort to get rid of all the bones in the world, he developperd a special toxin. But as he was mid way through his work,. the auto-correct kicked in correcting "bones" to "brains" anmd the world is effecticvely filled with boneless, brainless creatures that you need to fight off.

Additionally to the story, the game will feature a number of wacky and crazy game modes to enable users to fully experience all that the virtual world of the game has to offer.


This game was created by accident. The development began in April 2016, when I got my hands on the Vive Development Kit. After playing some games, I decided to give it a shot and create something. I used a human model I have created back in October 2015, and since I had no AI and wanted to interact with the humans quick, I added a simple AI algorithm: if chest is below 1m, bump chest up. This is the AI that drives all the humans in the game even now. I started punching the humans around but it was no fun, so I cranked up the punch strength, albeit a bit too high and ended up producing a GIF of me punching these humans that promply went viral. When I woke up next morning I realised that this is the game I have to make now.

The infamous first gifcirca April 2016 Creation of wobbly mancicra October 2015 Imgur gif numbersThat's over 4M Twitter gif numberscirca April 2016

Release Date

31 January 2019

Mosh Pit Simulator is scheduled to release on Early Access on 31 January 2019 for $19.99 with support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift with Touch and Windows MR devices.

Early Access version will contain Story Mode. More features and gameplay modes will be added throughout the development with aid and counselling of the Early Access user base.



Mosh Pit Simulator Trailer

Mosh Pit Simulator Teaser Trailer

Mosh Pit Simulator 360° VR Teaser

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Twitter viral dev gifs

I wanted to make a mosh pit simulator but it turned out really creepy!

— Sos Sosowski (@Sosowski) April 13, 2016

I tried making an AI system to follow the traffic rules.

— Sos Sosowski (@Sosowski) January 15, 2018

Thanks to the advancement of #VR, indie developers can now have fully motion captured cinematic sequences in their games!

— Sos Sosowski (@Sosowski) February 10, 2017

Thanks to the advancement of #VR, indie developers can now have fully motion captured cinematic sequences in their games!

— Sos Sosowski (@Sosowski) February 10, 2017

This is how supermarkets work, right?

— Sos Sosowski (@Sosowski) November 3, 2017

Ok, making UI for VR is hard.

— Sos Sosowski (@Sosowski) January 11, 2017

Moving around in VR done right.

— Sos Sosowski (@Sosowski) May 9, 2017

Me: I want a lot of physics in my game.
Game: OK

— Sos Sosowski (@Sosowski) July 24, 2017

There is no such thing as too much physics in a video game

— Sos Sosowski (@Sosowski) July 6, 2016

When you're looking around for bugs in your game but everything seems fine.

— Sos Sosowski (@Sosowski) July 14, 2017
Shoing only gifs with 500 or more retweets. All gifs are form mid-development showing bugs and weird features, and I have heaps of these, let me know if you would like to see more!

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