Mosh Pit Simulator Press Kit


Mosh Pit Simulator is a game about punching, stretching and throwing wobbly humans in an unrealistic sandbox setting. The game takes place in a number of locations (city, in a helicoppter, on a train, in space). And it's all about fight people off and funny thigns.


The game is all about having fun with physics. In VR nothing is solid and the player is infinitely powerful. This is the premise of the entire game. Abusing these facts often leads to physical glitches and unexpected behaviour. Accounting for that is left to the player as he is nor restricted to break the game.

Games lately try to provide realistic life-like experiences, and forget that they're simply games. Taken to VR this premise provides dull lfie epxerioences (life is dull, there, I said it). Mosh Pit Simulator aims to go beyond that and enable users to interact with a sandbox world in ways one could not in real life and will focus on prividing fun and enjoyable, nto exactly a robust, VR experience.


The story is of a mad scientist who in an epiphany decided that bones are the bane of humanity and in an effort to get rid of all the bones in the world, he developperd a special toxin. But as he was mid way through his work,. the auto-correct kicked in correcting "bones" to "brains" anmd the world is effecticvely filled with boneless, brainless creatures that you need to fight off.

Additionally to the story, the game will feature a number of wacky and crazy game modes to enable users to fully experience all that the virtual world of the game has to offer.


Mosh Pit Simulator development began in April 2016. After receiving a Vive Pre Developer Kit, I have played around for a bit with a wobbly human model I have created earlier for a shelved game attaching its limbs to motion tracked controllers. To create simple enemies, I have made the humans wobble up so that they won't fall flat on the groudn and cranked up the punching force to the max to make sure that punching the humans is fun. This took me roughly an hour and I have documented my efforts with a tiny animated GIF that exploded into a viral rollercoaster attaining over 4,000,000 views in the first 24 hours. This is it. I have started making this game by accident. It has been in active development ever since.

The infamous first gifcirca April 2016 Creation of wobbly mancicra October 2015 Imgur gif numbersThat's over 4M Twitter gif numberscirca April 2016



Mosh Pit Simulator is scheduled to release on Early Access by the end of 2017 for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch controllers. Support for other VR hardware might happen, as well as a non-VR version.

Early Access version will contain Story Mode. More features and gameplay modes will be added throughout the development with aid and counselling of the Early Access user base.



Mosh Pit Simulator E3 2017 Trailer

Mosh Pit Simulator 360° VR Teaser

Mosh Pit Simulator Trailer

Sos Sosowski E3 Virtual Press Conference

Mosh Pit Simulator Stugan Pitch


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