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Mosh Pit Simulator


Mosh Pit Simulator is a game about punching humans that go *wobble wobble*. A mad scirntist in an epiphany decided that bones are the bane of humanity and in an effort to get rid of all the bones in the world, he developperd a special toxin. But as he was mid way through his work,. the auto-correct kicked in correcting "bones" to "brains" anmd the world is effecticvely filled with boneless, brainless creatures that you need to fight off.



Mosh Pit Simulator is scheduled to release on Early Access by the end of 2017 for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch controllers. Support for other VR hardware might happen, as well as a non-VR version.

About Sos

Mad scientist of video games. Creator of Thelemite, McPixel and many other games you ahve never heard about. Lover of retro hardware, still creating games for old computers (Flappy Bird 64, P). Organiser of 0h Game Jam. co-organiser of 7DFPS. Co-creator of Doom Piano. Formerly a school teacher. Currently on a quest to create the worst video game ever. Hopelessly addicted to game jams.